Our recent work:

Solar technologies have advanced a great deal over the last few years, making harvesting the Sun's energy easier and more practical than ever. The Better Roofing Company can supply and install both Photovoltaic (PV/solar electricity) and solar hot water systems. We offer a free consultation service to evaluate your needs and allocate a system that matches them completely.

Photovoltaic systems:

Alwitra Evalon-solar is a high performance flexible PV membrane. It is certified to ISO 9000, DIN and BBA, some of the most stringent quality marks in the UK. This system boasts up to 30% more output than similarly rated crystalline cell panels. It comes fully guaranteed for 20 years.

Solar hot water systems:

We use the Solartwin low-pressure system. This is a zero carbon usage system - it does not draw any mains electricity so will cost nothing to run once installed. It is award winning and extremely highly recommended throughout europe. It can be installed in one day with minimum disruption, is frost resistant and has an intelligent pump giving you hotter water throughout the day regardless of solar activity.

The Better Roofing Company is working in partnership with local firms to provide a wider range of renewable micro generation technologies. If you have any questions regarding alternative solar hot water systems, photo voltaic panels or wind generators, please feel free to contact us and we will arrange a site visit and free consultation.