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regions covered by the better roofing company

The Better Roofing Company is the vision of managing director Joe Duirwyn.

Joe has been involved with green technologies for over 15 years, working with straw bale buildings, living roofs, solar, hydro and wind technologies alongside planning, design and campaigning.

He is passionate about the integration of sustainability into our everyday lives in approachable, workable and sensible ways.

Joe has an eclectic professional background, with stints in retail, tourism, hospitality and the volunteer sector as well as over 10 years in the construction industry. This broad experience confirmed his belief that a sustainable change in the construction industry needs to be a symbiosis of real world concerns (the bottom line) and an embedded sustainable narrative.

The Better Roofing Company intends to prove that you can deliver top quality industry standard service whilst being environmentally accountable. We are a pioneering, dynamic and forward thinking business, one that promises an uncompromising attention to detail, both in the operation of itís business and the delivery of itís services. Inline with our goals we have drawn up a mission statement that sits at the heart of our business:

To combine traditional values and environmental accountability, to inspire excellence within the construction industry and to deliver an individual, ethical and exceptional service.

As part of our open and accountable business model we have written up a number of policies to act as a benchmark for our business and as inspiration for the industry. You can find them here.